Joey Graziano

Joey Graziano is an international professional graffiti artist.  Graziano was born in Richmond, Virginia, USA in 1993.  He is known for tagging slyce, slice og, graziano, and other phrases to each of his pieces.  Graziano mixes city skylines & other landscapes with his graffiti words and characters.  

"Joey travels to you, no matter how far, and provides quality murals for an affordable price."  


Graziano's work can be found in the following locations:

•Richmond, VA

Piccolo Italy Pizza & Subs

GXW Wrestling

Saint Edward's Catholic School

X-tra's Café'

Westover Hills-Residential

Midlothian Suburbs-Residential

The Lair RVA*

Fu Dog's*

  • Englewood, New Jersey 

S & S Auto Wholesalers LLC

  • Newton, New Jersey

Powerhouse Gym

  • New Orleans, Louisiana 

City House Hostel

•Morris, Illinois

Armstrong Sport's Performance

•Islands of Fiji

Dei Lei Labasa-Residential

Mouta Village

•George Town, Washington, D.C. 

Murals at JVDC art Gallery

  • Newport News, Virginia

Enlighten Clothing Company

  • Westport Island, Maine

Outside Inn Airb B&B

  • Pawtucket Rhode Island
  • Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Hostel